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No two properties (and their inherent roofing systems) are the same in terms of size, scale, design, or overall condition. There are many commonalities & frequent occurrences that are all but inevitable during the duration of a structure’s standing.

Most people have no idea there is a problem, until they see a water stain on the ceiling. We suggest our annual inspection, where we will check for any missing or damaged shingles and flashing’s and make sure all pipes and penetrations are sealed properly.
If you suspect your have roof damage, call us to provide a thorough roof inspection, to give you the peace of mind that your most valued asset is protected. We will inspect every slope and penetration and perform a test square and stress test on each slope.

In a shingle, rolls of fiberglass are dipped in Asphalt and coated with Granules. The hail stone strikes the shingle, which softens its integrity and loosens the granules. After some light rain, the granules wash away and now the asphalt is exposed to the UV rays of the sun and starts to deteriorate which compromises the shingle, rendering it ineffective. Allow one of our Qualified Storm Shield Reps to thoroughly inspect each slope and perform a test square to qualify for an insurance claim.hail damage on a roof shingle

Three Tab Shingles are only rated for up to 60 MPH winds. High Winds can cause the shingle to lift, breaking the seal and allowing debris to affect it from resealing. If the Shingle is creased, the roof may be deemed unrepairable. Allow Storm Shield Restoration to perform a Stress Test to see if you qualify for a repair.

wind damage on a roof shingle

Some wind and hail damages are minor, and some will require full Roof Replacement. Our Storm Shield Reps will provide you with a full report including our digital analysis. We would only suggest a claim where the damages would exceed the cost of your deductible. Regardless if it’s a Full Roof Replacement, or a Minor Repair, we can provide you with a detailed estimate within Minutes.
After our Storm Shield Rep completes the full Roof and Property Inspection and a Claim is Required, together, you can make a simple phone call to your insurance carrier. We will provide the “Date of Loss” and set the initial inspection where we meet the assigned adjuster on your behalf.
The cost to the homeowner, based on the current insurance policy, is the deductible. In some cases, we can minimize, if not eliminate the initial out of pocket expense. Our goal would be to ensure that all damages are covered by the insurance carrier and then discuss a plan of action.
There are Two Types of claims, the first being an “At Fault Claim” and the second, an “Act of God” claim. The insurance companies can not single you out for an “Act of God” claim, however, if your area is affected and there are hundreds and thousands of claims from a storm, everyone’s rates May increase.
This depends on the insurance carrier and your policy. However, we highly suggest you allow one of our Storm Shield Reps to inspect your roof and entire property immediately. It’s important to document the damages with our Digital Analysis to ensure the proper payment is reimbursed. You may require some sort of Temporary Relief, like a Roof Tarp or Boarded up Windows, to ensure you won’t be held liable for any further damages.
In some cases, if applicable, the mortgage company will need to endorse the initial payment from the insurance carrier. Allow our Storm Shield Rep to assist by expediting the roof replacement process. Waiting can only increase the chances of further damages in which you may be liable.
In most cases, two payments are issued. Typically, upon approval of the claim, they release what is called the ACV (Actual Cost Value) payment. Once the work is complete, our Storm Shield Rep will provide a detailed final invoice to the insurance carrier for release of the recoverable depreciation. In the event a supplemental payment is required, you may receive a 3rd or 4th check.
A Reduction in the Value of an asset with the passage of time. i.e. You have a 20 Year Roofing Shingle and it was installed 10 Years ago, its depreciated value is 50%. If the Adjuster approves a full roof replacement, a value for that replacement is set by a program that sets current market value. If your roofs Replacement Cost Value is $10,000 but you have had it for 10 years, they will pay $5,000 up front in the ACV (Actual Cost Value) payment and the depreciation value is $5,000. Based on your type of policy, that depreciation value is Recoverable.
As much as you would like to have. At Storm Shield, our goal is to establish trust, proving that we work for you and your best interest. We offer the ability to handle the claim from Start to Finish. From calling in the initial claim with you, to submitting the final documents with the adjuster, Storm Shield’s goal is to minimize your headache and get your home back to pre-storm Conditions.

Storm Shield is proud to be a Certified CertainTeed Shingle Master. We offer a wide range of products, from Good, Better and Best. Good quality traditional shingles, 20 – 30 year 3 TAB shingles, Better quality Limited Lifetime Laminated Shingles (CertainTeed Landmark) to Best, Class 4, Impact Resistant Shingles and Designer Shingles. Check out this link to view Styles & Colors

Based on the size of your home and roof, typically, we can have the project finished within One Business Day. Clean Up and Courteous is our Top Priority. We want to leave the property like we found it, if not, even cleaner. Storm Shield’s installers are efficient and effective, and our Storm Shield Reps will complete a thorough inspect of the work and the property to ensure the installation was done properly and the debris is secured and hauled off.
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